Don’t Let it Cloud your Judgement.

Don’t Let it Cloud your Judgement.

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Don’t Let it Cloud your Judgement.

By Michael C on - January 11, 2016

I have been involved in Mixed Media since the 90s and sales of these new and wondrous technologies, have always come with their own difficulties with regards to Marketing. I remember telling a prospective client about a new tech called “a website”, “what on earth would I do with a website” was the common reply,

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Veeam Cloud Connect Q&A

By Michael C on - March 11, 2015

A few months ago we wrote about the announcement of Veeam’s new cloud based initiative – Cloud Connect. When we first reported on it, the service was not yet available to the end user. Now with the dust settling on Veeam version 8, it’s high time we answer some questions regarding the cloud connect service

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Optimising Your Cloud Backup

By Michael C on - March 5, 2015

Cloud backup services have made it simple for you to store your data remotely. Using a cloud backup service will allow you to backup all your important data and have it stored offsite. One thing you do need to keep in mind is that it will take some time for the first backup to be

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Can Private Clouds Be Used As A Gateway To Hybrid Delivery?

By Michael C on - March 2, 2015

The big question for any business to answer is whether they should opt for a public or a private cloud.  However, you need to understand that the question itself is incorrect. Since ‘one size does not fit all’ when talking about the cloud, the future of cloud computing will be in a hybrid world. The

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Can Budget Driven Organisations And The Cloud Coexist?

By Michael C on - February 27, 2015

Most people argue that businesses do not understand the cost associated with new services like cloud computing. These businesses demand superior services and thus fail to realize the various costs that are associated with developing the service and its impact on any IT department. So, can these budget-driven companies demand superior services from the cloud?

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Securing the Right Skills for the Cloud World

By Michael C on - February 24, 2015

Since the world is digital, it has changed how people use, deliver and pay for technology. The consumption of IT and technological related products has resulted in increased expectations among users. This makes it important for the younger generation to find the right tools necessary in order to meet these demands. Can the same be

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Time to migrate away from Windows Server 2003?

By Michael C on - February 23, 2015

12 years ago Are you still running any services on Windows server 2003? If you are then read on as the following directly affects you! Earlier this month on the official Microsoft blog there was a stark reminder that in less than 6 months’ time, Microsoft will be ending their support for this operating system.

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How to Select the best VPS Host for your Website

By Michael C on - August 21, 2014

There may come a time when you will have to move on to a VPS host to cater to the traffic to your website. The increase in traffic can greatly affect the performance of your site and it may exceed the capacity of the shared hosting service than you may have originally opted for. The

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How would we cope without the internet?

By Michael C on - August 14, 2014

As you may be aware Tuesday 12th August was a very interesting one in the history of the internet. If you either noticed very slow internet connectivity or complete loss of connectivity for a short period on this day then you are certainly not the only ones. #512K Day This wiki article explains what

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Top 5 Benefits of moving your Website to a VPS

By Michael C on - August 4, 2014

People normally assume that the need for VPS hosting services only arise with an increase in website traffic. This is not entirely true, especially for startups looking to gain an edge in today’s highly competitive market. Initiating a business online is comparatively affordable but, at the same time, requires you to take great care. If

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