Choosing the Right Cloud Backup Plan

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Choosing the Right Cloud Backup Plan

By Gordon Howes on - July 18, 2014

After assessing the cloud backup service plans available, you will come to realise that they are more flexible than any other physical backup option available to you. These service providers enable you to back up your data on the cloud. However, they are distinguished from each other in aspects like pricing, security and policies. But

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How to improve cloud security

By Gordon Howes on - July 16, 2014

The use of cloud computing is increasing exponentially. If your business is not using cloud computing, you are definitely missing out. Some business owners are apprehensive about the risk of data loss which is prevalent when your data is being stored offsite. However, there are some ways you can improve the security of your cloud

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Cloud Backup Best Practices

By Gordon Howes on - July 11, 2014

Cloud backup services have a lot of advantages that any individual or business can benefit from. To effectively use cloud technology, you will need to abide by certain guidelines which can improve your experience while dealing with providers like VMhosts and Evault. Continue reading to learn about cloud backup best practices. Deciding What You Need

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Myths about Cloud Backup

By Gordon Howes on - July 9, 2014

There are a lot of misconceptions about cloud and data backup. Moreover, you may not be aware of the implications that can result from uploading files to a cloud. Some businesses have suffered data loss just because they didn’t know much about using a cloud before they signed up for a service. The reason was

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Moving From Traditional Backup to Cloud Backup

By Gordon Howes on - July 7, 2014

Over the course of time, the cost of storing and backing up information has reduced dramatically. Due to this reason, many businesses have considered addressing these methods to fulfill their backup requirements in a location that is remotely accessible and safe at the same time. Being a business, it is of the utmost importance to

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Veeam Cloud Connect prompts VMCE certification

By Gordon Howes on - July 1, 2014

Virtual Machine Backup For some time now Veeam backup and replication has been one of the industry’s very best and marketing leading virtualization data protection products. Veeam’s impressive growth and innovation has always meant that as consultants, we have encountered Veeam deployments many times over the years. Veeam Cloud Connect As a cloud provider, we

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Offsite Data Backup Recovery

By Gordon Howes on - June 25, 2014

Reliable offsite data backup recovery A big part of any backup and data recovery solution is having a copy of your data offsite in a secure location. Typically in years gone by that often meant that an office worker was going home with some form of removable media such as a backup tape or a

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Online Cloud Backup Safety

Safe Online Cloud Backup
By Michael C on - June 18, 2014

I recently wrote about security of Online Cloud Backup solutions, generally this covered the encryption methods used to provide security. There are many other elements when it comes to making sure your backups are safe. When we are talking to new customers one question they usually ask is… Are Online Cloud Backup Solutions Safe? Comparing

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Evault Cloud Backup Lite

By Michael C on - June 14, 2014

VMhosts launch new Evault Cloud Backup Lite Service. Our new Evault Cloud Backup Lite Service provides the same software functionality at a lower cost per month. The new Evault Cloud Backup Lite Service is licensed per GB of protected storage with a low monthly cost. Additional Server agents and Applications agents can be purchased to

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Veeam Cloud Connect

By Michael C on - June 10, 2014

Veeam Cloud Connect Veeam have just announced a new service specifically for service providers. At VMhosts we already provide Dedicated Veeam Proxy servers which can act as backup copy targets which has been a popular method of providing offsite protection and Disaster Recovery services to our customers. The new Veeam Cloud Connect will simplify this

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