Cloud Hosting Within Reach

VMhosts is an ISO27001 certified company with friendly, professional and flexible customer service offering competitive and transparent pricing.

Our premium and high quality enterprise grade solutions are hosted in Tier 3 datacentres built on highly available and redundant infrastructure to give you maximum uptime and confidence.


Selecting IT Infrastructure has never been easier or more cost-effective than with VMhosts VMware Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting gives you access to computing resources without the need to buy, manage or maintain expensive IT equipment. Data processing takes place in our secure data centres on the latest and fastest hardware.

If you need more computing power, simply scale up the resources. If you need to scale down, then capacity can be reduced in line with your requirements. Because we offer transparent and responsive charging, you pay only for what you use. This reduces your capex and procurement costs and protects you from depreciation and ongoing maintenance expenditure. It also provides you with a hosted cloud infrastructure that is always tailored to your precise requirements.

VMhosts also offers a fully managed service where technical experts monitor and maintain your environment 24/7/365. You can also just purchase the resources you need and self-manage the system yourself. Whichever approach you choose, VMhosts provides you with secure, fast and cost-effective cloud computing that can be up and running in minutes. Because we know our business, we allow you to focus on yours.

Backup Services

Business depends upon data. No organisation can afford to lose one of its most valuable resources; many companies never fully recover from losing their business data. Luckily, there is an easy and cost-effective solution: VMhosts Backup Services.

VMhosts Backup Services provide automatic backup of your data to our cloud platform. There are no tapes or discs, just fast and secure backup data transfer to our Tier 4 UK data centres using 256-bit encryption. With better than 99.9% system availability, VMhosts Backup Services provides robust and reliable recovery should your company ever lose its valuable data.

VMhosts Backup Services offer comprehensive, cost-effective backup options in one account that is used across PCs, Macs and servers, all managed from a user-friendly web portal. You can reduce your backup costs by using incremental backups so that bandwidth requirements are lower. Cloud-based backup allows for quicker recovery of data, and data can be retained for as long as you like. By using VMhosts backup services you can also get 24x7x365 UK support for any issues.

VMhosts offers trusted solutions such as Veeam Backup and Veeam Cloud Connect, for hosted and on-premises data backup, with Redstor Data Management and Datto SaaS Protection for increased security. Put simply­­, VMhosts Backup Services give you peace of mind – the only thing that is as valuable as your data.

Disaster Recovery

VMhosts Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) protects your business and minimises disruption to your customers and employees in the event of server failure or other disaster. Our cloud replicated environment ensures that your business can return to normal operation within a few minutes of any disaster occurrence. Typical time to recovery is 15 minutes, while Virtual Machine recovery is typically just 5 minutes.

We can deliver services both to the cloud and within the cloud, removing the need for you to operate primary and secondary data centres. You get the flexibility and cost effectiveness of cloud automation and flexibility, with the benefits of robust DR protection. VMhosts DRaaS offers much more than simple data recovery; we can replicate infrastructure and applications to provide full continuity and protection for your business operations.

VMhosts DRaaS is powered by Zerto, an IT Resilience Platform, merging Disaster Recovery & Cloud Mobility in a simple, scalable solution. Zerto offers a host of replication and recovery tools, in a cost-effective pay-as-you-go payment model. Zerto supports replication to VMhosts Cloud Infrastructure, or you can replicate to your own existing DR site.

When the worst happens, trust us to get you up and running again in minutes.


Many IT support providers offer ‘break-fix’ services; VMhosts does it differently. We take a holistic approach that looks at the way your business as a whole interacts with crucial IT services, identifying issues, recommending and implementing change and ensuring that your IT strategy complements your business strategy. We don’t just look at the current situation; we look at  where you want to be in the next 12 months, 3 years or 5 years, future-proofing your business with clear direction and a path for growth and development.

With our breadth and depth of experience and knowledge in the IT industry, you can rely on VMhosts to identify trends and developments in technology and the market as we closely monitor and manage the performance of your infrastructure, services, applications and even personnel to ensure that everything works together, allowing you to fulfil your strategic vision and achieve your business goals.

We know our business, and it’s much more than just IT. We provide the security and peace of mind for you to do business.

Management & Support

We know that every customer is important and that every customer is different. Our expertise and experience let us work with you to deliver an IT support package that meets your needs now and evolves with your business to meet your needs in the future.

Outsourcing your IT can give enormous savings in time, effort and cost. We provide a wide range of on premises and cloud infrastructure, networking and security hardware and can provide seamless end-to-end solutions. We give you access to the latest technologies that may be too expensive to invest in.  We can identify and solve your licensing requirements ensure that software is up-to-date. We use market leading anti-virus solutions to protect your on-premise data and can provide encrypted backup and/or disaster recovery.  Everything is available with expert technical support as and when it is required. All you have is a simple monthly payment for complete peace of mind.


With more than a decade of experience in the constantly evolving IT sector, VMhosts is perfectly equipped to advise you on the right solution for your needs now and for the future. VMhosts partners with market-leading suppliers to provide a wide range of server, virtualisation and hybrid local and cloud server solutions. First-class hardware products combined with our industry expertise allows us to develop and provide the best infrastructure for your business needs.

We also provide the full range of network equipment, including security ASA firewalls, wireless devices and switches. VMhosts creates seamless, end-to-end solutions designed to fit your business and your budget. Whether you are looking for on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions, our technical experts can give you  all the advice and support you need to find the right one for you.

Cyber Security

Our team of experts can tailor solutions that fit your companies’ specific needs and requirements to keep your environment safe. From implementation to reporting and troubleshooting, we help keep your business safe from threats.

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The charts below show our latest storage comparisons using identical server configurations

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