Managed Services with 1st class technical support

Mazepoint is a leading Business Intelligence organisation, established more than 20 years ago and now serving thousands of users.

Mazepoint has developed innovative technology solutions such as Mazeinsight, an end-to-end interconnected business management platform acting as a one-stop shop for reporting, planning and analytics.

MazepointMazepoint’s approach is based upon technical excellence and customer service and has resulted in a 90% client retention rate.


The Requirement:

Mazepoint was seeking a partner to provide managed services for its in-house virtual environment. As a very technically- oriented organisation, Mazepoint needed a partner possessing technical expertise on a par with its own and capable of communicating in a clear, concise manner.


The Solution:

VMhosts provides managed services for the client’s in-house virtual environment, currently comprising 140 servers.

VMhosts worked with Mazepoint to create a new monthly client reporting format to represent Mazepoint’s service and performance figures in a concise and easy to understand format.



As an extremely technically-oriented organisation, Mazepoint is quick to notice any server issues and requires fast and accurate responses to all tickets raised. In recent monthly figures, VMhosts responded to 100% of Priority 1 tickets within the SLA, 93% of Priority 2 tickets within the SLA and 98% of Priority 3 tickets within the SLA, The average response and clearance times were both under 11 minutes.

Mazepoint suffered a service outage at 3am one Thursday morning in June 2021 which was ultimately traced to a faulty wiring connector in the server farm used by the client. VMhosts engineers provided round-the-clock support to Mazepoint and were able to pinpoint the cuase of the issue despite the fact that the hardware in question was neither owned nor operated by VMhosts and have the company back ready for 9am the same morning.

Benefits of the VMhosts solution include:

  • Comprehensive system monitoring.
  • Rapid fault response.
  • Rapid fault clearance.
  • Transparent reporting.
  • Round-the-clock technical support.
  • Expert technical resources.


ServiceManaged Services

Key Challenges:

  • Expert technical support.
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring.
  • Rapid fault clearance.
  • Comprehensive reporting.


  • Managed services covering: Active Directory, CPUs, component monitoring, disc usage, exchange, file system, firewall, hardware, servers, IaaS, Operating System, software, online status, performance, processes and service monitoring.
  • Custom reporting.
  • First-class technical support.


  • Reduced fault clearance times.
  • Faster fault response times.
  • Enhanced reporting.
  • Improved technical support.