Criminals’ Simple Tactic: Beware of Malicious Links

Jul 3, 2023 | News

Beware of Malicious Links

Cyber criminals constantly innovate tactics to exploit vulnerabilities. One effective ploy involves deceiving individuals with malicious links.

Criminals capitalise on our trust by masquerading as trusted entities, leveraging urgency, curiosity, or fear to prompt clicks on harmful links. These deceptive messages can arrive via email, social media, or text, and their success lies in manipulating us.

Defending against these attacks requires vigilance and proactive measures at multiple points. Technology such as mail gateways, Next-Gen Mail Security, MFA and endpoint protection can help but a really effective and affordable way to be protected is to empower your staff with training. Train them to be cautious of unsolicited messages, how to spot the signs of a scam and allow them to openly ask when they don’t know if an email is legitimate.

Remain alert and informed as cybercriminals refine their tactics. By adopting proactive security measures and cultivating a cautious mindset, you can protect yourself and the business from the risks associated with malicious links. Stay safe and stay cyber-aware!