Ensuring you can survive a major disruption

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Reliable recovery of data and applications if disaster strikes

VMhosts keep secure replicas of your technology systems so you can speedily recover from a disaster. 

Whether malicious or accidental, a significant disruption to your IT systems is a foreseeable eventuality that should be prepared for. Maintaining replicas of your systems in a secure separate location ensures that your organisation can recover from significant disruption.    

VMhosts can maintain accurate replicas of applications and data in a secure secondary location, enabling a speedy recovery from a disruptive event.   

How VMhosts can help? 

Base Recovery-as-a-Service – VMhosts ‘Base’ service makes regular copies of your systems, including all applications and data, enabling you to quickly switch to near up-to-date copies should disaster strike.    

Base Recovery as a Service leverages the offsite and air gapped backup retention files. This solves both the problem of having backups stored offsite and being able to recover them in a reliable manner. As part of the service, VMhosts do regular tests to show the data recovers successfully, meaning you can rest assured you backup and DR plans are in safe hands. 

DR-as-a-Service VMhosts premium service provides near instantaneous replicas, achieving a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of virtually zero.   

Many customers will use a combination of both services to minimise costs while ensuring that their most critical applications and data can rapidly be used.  


Base Recovery as a Service Information Video

Listen to Nick Fothergill, Solutions Architect, and James Harvey, our Business Development Manager, talk about our Base Recovery as a Service offering in more detail HERE



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An IT Resilience Platform, converging Disaster Recovery & Cloud Mobility in one simple, scalable solution. Available for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Features include one-to-many replication and automated recovery, failback and failover. Virtual Replication also enables automatic conversion from VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V VMs and vice versa. Zerto allows for pay-as-you-go replication to our Cloud Infrastructure. Alternatively you can use Zerto to replicate to your own existing DR site should you have one.