Energy Saving Tips From VMhosts

Sep 29, 2022 | News




Saving energy is important for everyone, including businesses big and small. However, with
the energy crisis being a big part of everyone’s lives at the moment, VMhosts want to provide you with some initial tips to help you through these challenging times.

One of our specialties as a company is IT infrastructure. Infrastructure can be very expensive to run so we suggest that you review your existing environment as it may have energy saving features that you can enable quickly and efficiently.

Here are a couple of examples of how:

DPM Distributed Power Management for VMware vSphere environments. This will
turn hosts on and off based on cluster resource utilisation.

• The power saver plan is one of the power schemes available for HyperV/Windows
servers. The power saver plan enables processor frequency capping and core parking features to reduce power consumption and thermal output.

If your existing infrastructure is three or more years old, you may want to look at what some of
the latest technology improvements can provide for you. For example, power efficient
hardware and processor improvements, both of which allow for far greater consolidation
ratios which then lead to a reduction in your server count. Or moving the appropriate
applications into Cloud services which may also reduce your hardware requirements.

If you would like help or advice with anything in this blog post, get in touch with us at
VMhosts, we are very happy to help.