Fortinet have a new critical vulnerability!

Dec 15, 2022 | News

A new Fortinet critical vulnerability has been discovered!

Fortinet are one of the most common firewalls in businesses with their excellent price to performance. They offer a great feature set and ease of management so its no wonder they are so popular.

However, it is time for another Fortigate update! Fortinet have admitted there is another vulnerability in FortiOS, the operating system used on its firewalls, which allows unauthenticated users to crash the device or possibly perform code execution! More concerning is the statement that Fortinet are aware of the issue being actively exploited. The threat has been given a score of 9.3 out of 10 highlighting the impact and risk of leaving this unpatched. This is one which cant wait for a monthly patch!

VMhosts are urging everyone to review if they have any affected devices in their network and ensure they are patched as soon as possible! Why not talk to VMhosts about our vulnerability management to ensure you stay in the know…