Spring Clean Your Data with Microsoft 365 Backup

Apr 9, 2024 | News

Microsoft 365 backup solutions

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, it’s time to embrace the spirit of renewal and business. Just as you would declutter your home during spring cleaning, it is critical to keep your digital assets organised and protected. We understand the importance of data security, and can help you stay protected through our Microsoft 365 backup solutions.

The Importance of Data Backup

Data is central to all businesses’ operations. It’s safe to assume your Microsoft 365 tenancy stores a wealth of critical information, including emails and documents, collaborative projects, and communications. However, relying solely on Microsoft’s native services for data protection is risky. Without a dedicated backup solution in place, your company may be vulnerable to data loss as a result of accidental deletions, malicious attacks, or system outages.

According to ESG, 53% of surveyed businesses reported data loss in SaaS applications in the last 12 months. While Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) provides a platform for your data, it’s essential to recognise that Microsoft’s built-in protection only covers you from issues within their infrastructure. Most Microsoft 365 customers don’t realise that they are responsible for protecting their data from accidents, malicious attacks, or gaps in retention policies. Don’t fall victim to these risks—take proactive steps to safeguard your valuable information.

Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

Microsoft 365 does not include a native backup service by default, so customers are responsible for their own data protection. We provide peace of mind by implementing and managing backups for Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive data. Our robust backup solutions ensure that your critical information is consistently backed up, accurately stored, and easily recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Backup from VMhosts?

Comprehensive Coverage: Our backup solutions protect all key aspects of Microsoft 365, including Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive data.

Reliability and Flexibility: With VMhosts, you can rely on a reputable backup provider. Our solutions are adaptable, allowing you to tailor backup schedules and retention policies to the demands of your business. VMhosts can perform a restore test to offer a validated recovery process too!

Granular Restore Options: We understand that data recovery is just as important as backup. That’s why our Microsoft 365 Backup service offers granular restore options, allowing you to recover individual files, emails, or entire folders.

Peace of Mind: Don’t let the fear of data loss keep you up at night. With VMhosts, you can rest easy knowing that your important data is protected by industry-leading backup solutions and expert support.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your Microsoft 365 data and keep your business running smoothly all year round.

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