Microsoft W11 Start Menu Update

Feb 16, 2023 | News

Microsoft have ditched their latest W11 Start Up Menu idea

Windows 11 users will be pleased to see Microsoft have done a U-turn on their latest idea for the W11 start menu to featuring popup views of some websites. The version of W11 which has just gone into preview mode (build 25272) to the dev channel, so is available to early adopters to test out, has seem the feature removed again.

The feature first added in November 2022 added common websites to be recommended and shown at the bottom of the start menu. Microsoft further noted in a blog post, that a suggested action for searching copied text in the Edge browser has also been ditched. This feature did mean that if you highlight some text to copy, a panel would pop up allowing you to click and search for that highlighted text in Edge.

Microsoft commented: “Thanks to all the Insiders who gave us feedback on these two experiences. As a reminder, features and experiences we try out in the Dev Channel may get removed and never released beyond the Dev Channel as we incubate new ideas and get feedback from Insiders.” Read more here.

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