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We add as much value as possible to our Cloud connect service with the following key features

  • Choice of UK Data Center locations (Virtus Enfield and ServerChoice Welwyn Garden City)
  • Free set up and configuration from trained Veeam Certified Engineers (VMCE)
  • Storage using our production IAAS Clustered, SSD Optimised array (We keep two copies of your data)
  • Friendly and flexible service with a guaranteed SLA
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Free one month trial

Supported Functions

Users can configure the following jobs and perform the following tasks against the cloud repository:

  • Backup
  • vCD backup (for VMware vSphere platform)
  • Backup copy (to cloud repository only. Backup copy from the cloud is not supported.)
  • File copy (manual operations)
  • Restore Tasks
  • Full VM restore
  • VM files restore (for VMware vSphere platform)
  • VM disks restore
  • VM guest OS files restore (Microsoft Windows FS only. Multi-OS restore is not supported.)
  • Application items restore
  • Backup Copy Jobs

WAN Optimization

If you have Veeam enterprise or enterprise plus licensing you can make use of Veeam’s built in WAN acceleration tool. The WAN acceleration tool is designed specifically for moving existing Backup Jobs to an offsite location. The WAN acceleration engine can help speed up and reduce WAN traffic by as much as 50X. There are no additional charges for the WAN acceleration Service. Cached data will consume part of the assigned storage quota.

Data Seed

Depending on the volume of data being protected and your internet connectivity it may be necessary for us to ship the initial seed of data. When using seeding we recommend all backup jobs are configured for encryption. This will protect the data while it is being physically shipped to the Data Centre.

There are no setup charges or any other charges for data seeds during the initial setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Version of Veeam do I need to be able to use Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect requires version 8 as a minimum.

What licence do I need to utilise Cloud Connect?

You can use any licence to use Veeam Cloud Connect. If you want to use advanced features such as WAN acceleration then you will need the Enterprise licence.

I’m not sure what I’m running, how do I find out?

No problem, we will be able to help. There are a number of different features available such as WAN optimisation that require a certain edition of Veeam. We will let you know what you have an what options are available to you.

We’ve been using Veeam for years, how do we incorporate offsite backup without altering our schedules or retention?

VMhosts recommend the use of backup copy jobs to be configured to replicate to the offsite repository and replicated to us over a secure site to site VPN. A backup copy job is just like a regular Veeam backup job with the added advantage of being able to make use of independent retention schemes and recovery points allowing for a truly offsite solution.

Are cloud backups secure?

Yes. Not only are our datacentres physically secure, with access restricted with bio-metric entry systems in place and 24/7 security, but any backup data is transferred over secure SSL connections and all data is stored in the UK

How Do Setup Veeam Cloud Connect?

The Veeam Cloud Connect Infrastructure is fully managed by our internal support team. This service requires no extra hardware. This service is not designed as a complete replacement for local backup repositories. Built into the existing Veeam Backup & Replication management console, our “Service Provider” can be added using the provided URL, port, username and password. No other configuration is required.

Once the service provider has been added the Cloud Backup repository is made available and can be used in almost the exact same way as any other repository available in the inventory

What about disaster recovery?

Absolutely! Veeam and cloud recovery were built to compliment one another. We can guarantee CPU, HDD and RAM resource on our enterprise cloud, to ensure that should the worst happen your servers will be up and running again in no time, keeping your business going whatever disaster you are facing
You may also be interested in our Zerto Disaster Recovery solution, which provides near real time disaster recovery.

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