Veeam Hosted Backups

What Are They?

First off let us start by saying that we love Veeam! In a nutshell Veeam is award winning backup and replication software for virtual environments. Originally built to protect VMware environments Veeam has evolved to also support backing up Hyper-V servers also. Itis synonymous with virtual server backup and more important recovery. At VMhosts we leverage Veeam backup and replication in three ways:

  • Hosted Cloud Backups – Veeam is deployed and ready to go. Just tell us what you want backing up and we’ll configure this for you
  • On-premise deployment – Veeam software is deployed locally on premise at your offices
  • Off-site backup with the new cloud connect – Data is offloaded to your own secure slice of the cloud with out the need to run a dedicated hosted backup repository.

Why do I need it?

Quite simply if you run virtualisation in your business, you probably want to protect it in the best possible way. Veeam in an innovator in virtual backup and recovery with impressive features such as instant recovery and file level restores. Veeam often tops the list when it comes to fast and effective backup software.

Need to Know More?

Our Veeam experts are here to offer help and support to ensure you are getting the most out of your backup and recovery. After all many companies now have to prove not only that there critical data and servers are protected that they are actually going to be able to get that data back whether it be a single file or an entire server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know

How does Veeam work with cloud backup?

Our cloud infrastructure is built on a VMware platform. Veeam integrates seamlessly into this, allowing us to backup none, some, or all of your Cloud Hosted Servers.

Are cloud backups secure?

Yes. Not only are our datacentres physically secure, with access restricted with bio-metric entry systems in place and 24/7 security, but any backup data is transferred over secure SSL connections and all data is stored in the UK

I have Virtual Servers in my On-Premise environment, can I back them up with Veeam?

Absolutely. Speak to us about our consultancy and we’ll tailor a solution that fit your business.

I’m already backing up my On-Premise server with Veeam. Can I backup to the cloud too?

Yes. Head over to our Veeam Cloud Connect to learn more

What Extra Do You Get?

Take a look at the additional features provided by Veeam

  • Agentless
  • Full System Image Recovery
  • Default Retention
  • Recovery Points
  • Custom Retention Policy
  • Offsite Retention
  • VSS Support
  • File Level Recovery
  • Application Level Recovery
  • Dedicated Backup Storage
  • Full System Recovery Tests

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Not Ready for Cloud Hosted Veeam Backup?

Talk to Us About an On-Premise Veeam Solution

Veeam LogoVMhosts also offers consultancy services to design and implement a tailored solution that fits your businesses exact requirements.

On-premise Veeam is the most common deployment of Veeam. On-premise means that Veeam hardware and software are physically deployed at your office locations. A typical Veeam deployment is always made up of the following components:

  • Veeam Backup and replication server – This is the heart and soul of Veeam and is what manages backup, restore and replication jobs and handles backup schedules. At least one backup and replication console is required in every Veeam deployment
  • Backup Proxy – A backup proxy is used to process jobs and deliver backup traffic. It is used to take the workload off the backup server.
  • Backup Repository – Simply this is used to store backup files and in the case of replicated VMs – metadata. A backup repository can be a windows or Linux server, CIFS share on a NAS device

If you are interested in an On-Premise solution get in touch with us