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Jan 4, 2024 | News

VMhosts’ 2024 Cyber Predictions!

2023 has brought both challenges and opportunities in the cyber security space. Check Point Research (CPR) has reported an 8% increase in global weekly cyberattacks, which has become a catalyst for positive change. High-profile cases, such as the MGM Resorts attack, have prompted businesses to enhance their cybersecurity measures, fostering a more resilient digital environment.

Looking ahead, here’s our cybersecurity predictions for 2024:


  1. AI-directed cyberattacks: AI cyber attacks will accelerate, however investment in AI will strengthen defences against evolving threats.
  2. AI Regulations:: The development of AI-related regulations in tech will ensure responsible and ethical use, promoting a safer digital landscape.

Cyber Insurance:

  1. AI and insurance: AI adoption will transform how insurance companies assess cyber resilience, offering more tailored solutions.
  2. Preventative approach to reduce premiums: Businesses will be asked to proactively demonstrate preventative actions, leading to potential reductions in cyber insurance premiums.

Deepfake Technology:

  1. Deepfake technology advances: Continued advancements will be used for cyber attacks. This will prompt a proactive approach to deepfake detection and mitigation.

Phishing Attacks:

  1. AI-enhanced phishing tactics may lead to improved detection methods, fostering a more resilient defence against phishing-related breaches.

The Road Ahead: 

As we reflect on 2023, it’s clear that businesses are starting to adapt to the sudden changes in cybersecurity and technology advancements. Don’t fall behind! Follow us on social media to keep up to date.

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