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Our online and hybrid online backup solutions leverage the latest technology to enable a fast, secure, and reliable backups. It seamlessly integrates with operating systems to provide backups and restores as small as an individual file, an application, or entire servers.

Using change block tracking we’re able to reduce the time required to backup files, as well as improve the performance of the backup. Deduplication and WAN optimisation ensures that not only are backups small, but are uploaded to our Cloud Storage effieciently.

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Better Redundancy – Both local disk and tape are single storage instance mediums, subject to failure. With our Cloud Backup, you have redundancy with the local storage and the cloud-based storage. Our data centers use a fully redundant architecture to ensure data is available for recovery 99.999% of the time. Our cloud storage is infinitely scalable. As your backup needs to grow, so does our storage. Just add data.

Better Availability – Local disk only provides on-site access to Backups that may not be available after a disaster. Tape allows for off-site copies that must be retrieved (assuming the tape system is still accessible). In addition to using local disk-based storage, VMhosts cloud-based storage is available anywhere with an Internet connection.

Faster Recovery – Tape is slow. Disk is faster. But VMhosts Cloud Backup is fastest. Our True Delta technology (which only transfers the data that has changed at a block level) matched with their fine tuned data compression and automatic selection of the fastest recovery medium (local storage or cloud) yields backup and recovery as fast as 5GB/min.

Stronger Security – Cloud Backup uses up to 448-bit Blowfish encryption to secure your data. By using encryption where only you have access to the private key, you can rest assured only approved eyes can access and see the data.

Less Expensive – Hardware is expensive and usually involves investment before they’re ready to fully utilize all that was purchased. By moving to a hybrid cloud backup & recovery service, the cost becomes a far lower monthly expense that only grows as the company does.

Additional Benefits of Hybrid Cloud vs. a Complete Cloud Solution

We understand that you have invested in local storage for your backups. This is why we offer our Hybrid Solution, which repurposes that storage and stages a local copy of the backup. Having a local copy as well as a remote copy of your backup files gives you additional benefits.

Better Accessibility – With the addition of a synchronized backup on local storage, VMhosts Cloud Backup provides access to backups even when there is no Internet connection.

Additional Redundancy – Because backups are stored on both local and cloud-based storage, an additional layer of redundancy exists over cloud only.

Faster Recovery – VMhosts Cloud Backup uses True Delta technology, which only transfers the data that has changed at a block level, as well as data compression and automatic selection of the fastest recovery medium (local storage or cloud) yields backup and recovery as fast as 5GB/min.

Use Cases

Frequently Asked Questions

All popular operating systems are supported including Windows (XP and upwards, Server 2003 and upwards), and Linux.

Exchange, SQL, Oracle, Files & Folders, System State, VMWare, and Network Shares are all backup targets that are supported.

You can run backups as often as you like, you just have to make sure you give yourself enough of a window for the backup to complete!

Backups are stored on clustered storage, which has 3 layers of redundancy. The backup files are then replicated to our second datacenter, which runs on its own clustered storage as well. If that wasn’t enough, if you enable the Local SpeedVault option in the backups, you will have a local copy of the backup files to give you triple the amount of redundancy.

For pricing, it’s best to head over to our Ordering page to see what fits you best.

Our standard backup option gives you 30 days of recovery points. If you require more than this, then we can tailor a backup package that suits your needs. Click on the “Leave a message” option and open our Live Chat feature to speak to us directly.

Absolutely! The backup software allows you to set a throttling window. Simply enable the option on the device you wish to set the throttling on and configure your window and desired speed.

We offer a range of encryption levels including AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit, or 448-bit Blowfish

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