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Disaster Recovery can be very complex. Understanding the required Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives can be very time consuming. Designing and delivering a solution which meets these objectives will consume even more valuable time and associated IT resources. Our Managed DRaaS Solution includes dedicated technical resource to help answer these question and deliver a solution which meets your business requirements

Access to Technical Resource

VMhosts technical resource will help plan, implement and test your Disaster Recovery solution. We are also here 24/7 to help manage any required failovers. We, like you hope that you never need to failover in an emergency, but if the worse was to happen our technical resource will ready to help get you back up and running. Helping to relieve the pressure of restoring access to business critical applications and allowing your IT team to concentrate on other elements of your Business Disaster Recovery run book.

Secure Always on, always available

Our DRaaS Solution doesn’t rely on the delivery of physical servers to a nominated Disaster Recovery site. Our Secure Cloud Platform is always on and always available. Our Secure Cloud platform has built in availability features such as automated failover which is completely transparent to the guest operating systems and applications, providing simple effective protection for all your business critical applications and data.

Faster Recovery

Why wait? Our solution allows us to start the failover and recovery process run book as soon as you pick up the phone. We can restore access to your business critical application and data quickly and effectively.

Easier to Test

Our always on always available DRaaS solution allows to perform fast and frequent recovery tests. Our cloud resource is reserved and available for you when you need it. We don’t need to source and provision etc physical hardware every time schedule a test, saving us time


As our DRaaS Solution is built on our own Cloud platform we can provide true scalability. Resource reservations can be increased and decreased as you need to.

Cost Effective

Disaster Recovery can be expensive, some companies feel that this insurance policy is not a worthwhile investment, until the unexpected happens. We are here to change that perception. Our DRaaS Solution is not only cost effective it is completely transparent. We fully itemise costs so you know exactly what it will cost as your requirements change.


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