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On-Premise Veeam

On-premise Veeam is the most common deployment of Veeam. On-premise means that Veeam hardware and software are physically deployed at your office locations. A typical Veeam deployment is always made up of the following components

  • Veeam Backup and replication server – This is the heart and soul of Veeam and is what manages backup, restore and replication jobs and handles backup schedules. At least one backup and replication console is required in every Veeam deployment
  • Backup Proxy – A backup proxy is used to process jobs and deliver backup traffic. It is used to take the workload off the backup server.
  • Backup Repository – Simply this is used to store backup files and in the case of replicated VMs – metadata. A backup repository can be a windows or Linux server, CIFS share on a NAS device

Hosted Veeam Repository

Our hosted Veeam repository works as an extension to your on premise Veeam deployment by providing you with a cloud hosted backup target of your own. To make use of our hosted Veeam repository we deploy the following in our cloud

  • A dedicated VPN/Firewall appliance used to create a secure IPSEC VPN tunnel between your offices and our cloud
  • A dedicated windows based server to be used as the hosted backup repository
  • An optional WAN acceleration component – this is dependant on the Veeam edition you are running (Veeam Enterprise plus required)
  • A private dedicated VLAN network to ensure a cloud security boundary

Once the hosted environment is set up, the cloud repository is added to your Veeam server as a new repository. That’s it! You are free to create new backup or make use of the recommended backup copy jobs or virtual servers that you are already backing up locally.

Veeam Cloud Connect

With the release of Veeam version 8 we are now able to offer a new cloud based backup option. To make use of this service, you must first upgrade your Veeam servers to version 8.

Our Veeam cloud connect service works in a similar way to our hosted repository service, except there is no requirement to have either a dedicated VPN/firewall or a dedicated hosted windows server to act as your own hosted repository. Instead, backups destined for the cloud are transferred over a secure SSL connection to your own private slice of the cloud. This connection will happen directly over the internet, using a single TCP port protected by SSL encryption. This is possible by a new component called the cloud gateway which is responsible for the encapsulation of all the backup traffic inside the SSL tunnel.




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