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What is Veeam?

In a nutshell Veeam is award winning backup and replication software for virtual environments. Originally built to protect VMware environments Veeam has evolved to also support backing up Hyper-V servers also.

How does Veeam work with cloud backup?

Our cloud Veeam backup solutions are based on two services; cloud hosted backup repository and Veeam cloud connect

Our Veeam hosted proxy works by placing a virtual Veeam proxy in the VMhosts cloud connected via a secure VPN tunnel to the on premise environment for the purposes of providing an offsite backup and recovery repository.

Veeam cloud connect is still a relativity new feature which requires Veeam version 8 to work. This new feature allows you to make use of cloud off-site backup without the need to have your own dedicated hosted repository. All communication is secured via SSL so you simply play for what you use!

Do I need to already be backing up my virtual servers with Veeam?

Yes, for the solution to work effectively Veeam version 7 or 8 must already be running in at your environment.

I’m already running Veeam, but I’m not sure what version I have?

No problem, we will be able to help. There are a number of different features available such as WAN optimisation that require a certain edition of Veeam. We will let you know what you have an what options are available to you.

We’ve been using Veeam for years, how do we incorporate offsite backup without altering our schedules or retention?

VMhosts recommend the use of backup copy jobs to be configured to replicate to the offsite repository and replicated to us over a secure site to site VPN. A backup copy job is just like a regular Veeam backup job with the added advantage of being able to make use of independent retention schemes and recovery points allowing for a truly offsite solution.

Do I have control over the backups?

Yes! You always have full control over your backups and schedules. Our cloud backup options extend your current Veeam deployment by placing a backup target off-site in our secure data centres

Are cloud backups secure?

Yes. Not only are our datacentres physically secure, with access restricted with bio-metric entry systems in place and 24/7 security, but any backup data is transferred over secure SSL connections and all data is stored in the UK

What about disaster recovery?

Absolutely! Veeam and cloud recovery were built to compliment one another. We can guarantee CPU, HDD and RAM resource on our enterprise cloud, to ensure that should the worst happen your servers will be up and running again in no time, keeping your business going whatever disaster you are facing




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