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What is it?

First off let us start by saying that we love Veeam! Veeam is synonymous with virtual server backup and more important recovery. At VMhosts we leverage Veeam backup and replication in three ways



  1. On-premise deployment – Veeam software is deployed locally on premise at your offices
  2. Off-site hosted repository – Veeam is extended into the cloud with a dedicated hosted backup repository
  3. Off-site backup with the new cloud connect – Data is offloaded to your own secure slice of the cloud with out the need to run a dedicated hosted backup repository.

Why do I need it?

Quite simply if you run virtualisation in your business, you probably want to protect it in the best possible way. Veeam in an innovator in virtual backup and recovery with impressive features such as instant recovery and file level restores. Veeam often tops the list when it comes to fast and effective backup software.

Need to know more……

Our Veeam experts are here to offer help and support to ensure you are getting the most out of your backup and recovery. After all many companies now have to prove not only that there critical data and servers are protected that they are actually going to be able to get that data back whether it be a single file or an entire server.

Veeam on-premise

The first stage of utilizing Veeam in installing it on premise. Our certified Veeam professionals are able to evaluate your infrastructure and provide deployment advice along with installation, training and support. We want to make sure you are protected with the features you need when you need them.

Veeam hosted cloud repository

We deploy a dedicated Windows machine on our highly available cloud infrastructure for the purpose of extending your back ups into the cloud. Connectivity is secured using a dedicated firewall appliance, protecting data in transit.

Using Veeam 7/8 Wan Optimisation and Backup Copy features, local backups are transferred to the hosted Veeam Backup Repository using a secure VPN connection and once the original seed has been taken subsequent backups can be transferred up to 50x faster than traditional file sync solutions.

Veeam cloud connect

Veeam cloud connect is still a relativity new feature which requires Veeam version 8 to work. This new feature allows you to make use of cloud off-site backup without the need to have your own dedicated hosted repository. All communication is secured via SSL so you simply play for what you use!


Now that you have your offsite backup retention solution in place, we can easily solve your next business continuity requirement – Recovery.

Time is a precious commodity and often not affordable in a disaster. Businesses need access to their data, applications and services quickly.

Backup data sets are growing rapidly. Transporting or migrating these large data sets using removable media or site to site links can be very time consuming, often with no real guarantee it will work when it gets there.

Using our cloud infrastructure VMhosts can provide your business with frequent recovery tests and guaranteed resource to power up virtual machines in the event of a disaster. Using Veeam Instant recovery high priority virtual machines can be powered up in no time at all.

As part of the service VMhosts will help document elements of your disaster recovery run book. Using technologies such as remote desktop services and VPN endpoints we can not only make sure we can get your virtual machines up and running quickly, we can also have everything in place to give your users access to business data when they need it.

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