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Friendly and Flexible 24/7 support

24/7 support

VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefits 1. We are a technology focused company. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and communication. If you are ever have a problem then we always do our best to make sure you know exactly what we are doing to fix it.

Free SAN Based Backups


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefit 2. We provided free nightly fully system image backups with 7 day retention for all VM’s hosted with us. We also provide an optional VMback service powered by Veeam provising enterprise backup and recovery for Guest OS file and application protection

99.9% SLA


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefit 3. 100% uptime is simply a myth, even the largest organisations such as Facebook, twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure will have problems from time to time. The missed SLA compensations offered are often worthless, coupled with poor communication. In downtime situations communication is key. During the unlikely event of any server down situations we are contactable 24/7. You can talk to a real engineer who can give you accurate updates.

Enterprise grade VMware Platform


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefit 4. Compare apples for apples and clouds for clouds. Our Cloud is powered by VMware vSphere, the industry leading virtualisation platform. We have absolute confidence in VMware’s stability and support.

Private internal Network


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefis 5. Every customer gets a private internal network free of charge. A dedicated VLAN, protected by our firewall appliances. This provides a secure network for internal server communications such as tiered applications, with unmetered internal bandwidth on our 10Gb network.

Raid 10 Clustered storage array


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefit 6. Storage is absolutely critical for any cloud service. Some providers will cut corners to lower costs. We use a HP branded clustered storage array. We use local Raid protection and synchronously replicate this to a second storage appliance. When it comes to your data it is good to be paranoid.

Geographically distributed database centres


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefit 7. We have two datacentres located in Maidenhead and Enfield, separated by over 30 miles as the crow flies. With multiple low latency Gigabit interconnects between the two locations we can help customers build mission critical business solutions with extreme levels of availability and protection.

SSD Auto Tiering Storage


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefit 8. We use a mix of SSD and spinning disk to give you fantastic performance at a price per GB that isn’t going to break the bank. Our auto tiering solution is fully transparent. All of your data and applications will benefit with absolutely no additional configuration or changes to your server environment.

High Availability as standard


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefit 9. All our virtual machines and virtual appliances are protected by VMware HA and other proactive availability features such as vMotion and Storage vMotion. Our cloud solution isn’t a VPS reliant on local storage. We have multiple 100% synchronous copies of your data allowing us to automatically recover and power on your machines in the event of hardware failure.

CIF Certified


VMhosts Cloud Hosting Benefits 9. We have taken the time to implement processes that confirm to a recognised standard. Coupled with feedback from real customers we can be trusted.




Tel: 0203 8463 555 | 01223 919 254
E-mail address: sales@vmhosts.co.uk
Office Hours: 9am-5pm GMT

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VMhosts is a technology focused company. We provide high performing solutions at realistic prices. Our openness and flexibility allow us to provide a solution that exceeds your requirements and expectations.

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