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VMhosts offer a market leading virtual computing product built on VMware vSphere. Using modern Cloud High Availability technologies such as HA, vMotion, Storage vMotion, Clustered Storage as well as fully redundant power and networking, VMhosts provides proactive and reactive maintenance to maintain uptime.

VMware vSphere HA


VMware vSphere HA provides clustering availability features to any Windows or Linux VM. VMware’s HA feature is very robust and reliable. Although very rare with modern hardware failures can still happen. In the event of any unexpected host failure virtual machines are automatically recovered to other available hosts in the cluster.

Traditional clustering techniques can be very complicated and difficult to maintain, often leading to increased licensing costs, management costs and at the same time proving difficult to troubleshoot and resolve problems should they occur.

Completely transparent to the Guest operating systems and associated services, VMhosts customers can provide cloud high availability features for their applications, service and data without the need for complex Guest operating system and application level clustering.

VMhosts Cloud High Availability requires no configuration by our customers it is standard across all our Business Cloud Hosting Packages.


VMware vSphere vMotion

VMware vMotion provides the ability to live migrate Windows and Linux virtual machine instances from one physical host to another. This Cloud High Availability feature is fully transparent to the Windows and Linux Guest operating systems and associated services which stay running during the migration. When monitoring a migration users may see a loss of one ping, which would be unnoticeable to end users.

By dynamically migrating VM’s across hosts in the cluster VMhosts uses vMotion to proactively provide the best possible performance for your services and applications.

During planned maintenance operations physical hosts can be put into maintenance mode, eliminating the need for downtime during software and hardware upgrades and maintenance.


VMware Storage vMotion (sVmotion)

VMware Storage vMotion can be a very useful Cloud High Availability tool. Again this feature is used proactively to maintain uptime of your virtual machines. Although our storage array is indeed very flexible allowing online expansion and even migrations of entire volumes across between storage clusters, Storage vMotion can be used to live migrate the storage of a virtual machine vDisks between available storage with no downtime.

VMhosts uses this feature to move entire Virtual machines or particular vDisks to new storage for capacity and performance maintenance tasks. This is one of the many technologies we use to give your VMs the best possible performance while maintaining uptime with no interruption to your services, applications and data.


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