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What is Clustered Storage?

Clustered storage allows us to keep two real time copies of your data on two separate hardware devices using synchronous replication.

Why do I need Clustered Storage?

Many suppliers may only keep a single copy of data. It maybe protected using traditional RAID technology and Controllers, ultimately though this single copy represents a single point of failure. Data loss could occur with just the loss of two physical disks.

Our Clustered Storage array uses Network RAID technology and local RAID providing constant access to your data even in the event of a complete storage node failure.

Need to know more?

Storage and Networking are two of the most important elements that you must get right with any Cloud Infrastructure.

With a balance of performance and availability VMhosts uses Enterprise HP Storevirtual storage arrays on a 10Gb network.

Your data is so important to us we take every precaution to make sure we always have an available copy. Our HP clustered storage array provides synchronous replication using Network Raid technology. This means we always have two copies of your data across the storage cluster.

Should one storage node be inaccessible during planed maintenance or an unplanned outage, your data is still safe an accessible. This allows us to provide the highest possible uptime to your services, applications and data.

As with all of our availability features, Network RAID is completely transparent to virtual machines and requires no further configuration within the Guest Operating systems. All VMhosts business cloud hosted solutions benefit from this protection as standard.

It is very important to remember that our storage system uses real-time synchronous protection and should not be confused with asynchronous replicated storage.

By keeping two copies of your data read performance is also improved. As we have two copies of your data read requests are load balanced across storage nodes helping to reduce latency.

VMhosts uses a 10Gb fibre network for storage connectivity. This allows us to take full advantage of our SSD auto tiering technology.


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