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Our self service cloud portal powered by Flexiant, provides full control of your virtual machines life cycle. Using our Cloud Portal customers can

  • Import custom OVA, VMDK and ISO images
  • Create new servers from existing image templates or build from imported ISO images
  • Upgrade Servers with additional vCPU’s, RAM, HDD and network connectivity
  • Full console access to virtual machines
  • Manage firewall rules
  • Create custom permissions for role based access
  • Mange Snapshots

Console Access

Control Panel

Full secure console access is available to all virtual servers, including Windows and Linux. Providing remote KVM console access allows complete control of your server even in the event of network connectivity issues or configuration problems and initial setup. Console sessions are fully secured using SSL certificates and can be opened using your Web Browser.



Disks are quite simply individual virtual disks that can be attached to a virtual machine. They are used to store data and software for virtual machines. Any data stored on a disk by a virtual machine is retained even when the virtual machine shuts down or loses power.

Multiple disks can be added to virtual machines and they can be detached and re-attached to other virtual machines as well as being cloned.

Control Panel disks


Images templates of servers that have been stored on the platform in a read only format to allow you to duplicate and deploy them repeatedly and quickly. Images may be base operating system templates, or can contain software that is commonly used on your virtual machine, for example an email client or a media player. Images can be created from snapshots or can be uploaded in the following file formats:

  • .qcow2
  • .raw
  • .ova
  • .img
  • .iso

Control Panel images


Networks are what virtual and physical resources use to communicate with each other and the internet. Our cloud portal support both Public Virtual IP (PVIP) and private virtual Local Area Network (VLANS) based networking modes.

For more information on both public and private networks, please see the following links

  • Private Networking
  • Public Networking

Control Panel network

Servers (Virtual Machines)

Virtual machines are virtual computers that use physical resources from networked hardware. Virtual machines can be duplicated easily, allowing supply to scale in parallel with demand.

Virtual machines can be deployed either using pre-defined templates, of by creating a blank machine and installing from an ISO

Common uses of virtual machines include the following, however there are hundreds of uses for virtual machines:

  • Email servers
  • File servers
  • Remote Desktop servers
  • Gaming servers
  • Spam filtering
  • Web servers

Control Panel server


Users are VMhosts cloud portal accounts. These accounts can have as broad or as narrow range of permissions as desired, according to their role. For example, you might want to grant a user read only access to the portal, for support only purposes, where as another user might be granted full administrative access to perform such tasks as deploying servers and decommissioning superseded servers and services

Control Panel users

VDC (Virtual Data Centres)

VDCs are logical groupings within a customer account, for example, virtual machines, disks, snapshots and networks. They exist to provide convenient groupings around which customers can organise their infrastructure.

Control Panel VDC


A snapshot is the saved state of a disk at a particular point in time. This comprises the state of the filesystem at a single point in time. Snapshots should not be used as a substitute for backups, but can be used as a fast roll back option for routine maintenance and planned upgrades

Control Panel snapshots


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