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Perimeter Firewall

We know that keeping your data secure is one of your top priorities. That why we offer a free perimeter firewall free of charge.

Our perimeter firewall is completely transparent and works without any Network Address Translation.

Using Firewall Templates which are configurable through our control panel, restrictions can be placed on inbound and outbound traffic to your hosted servers.

Customers alternatively can allow all traffic in and out with absolutely no restrictions.




Third Party Firewall’s

Using our included Private Networking service, customers can use a third party firewall solution to protect application data and services. Our Private Networking service can also be used to create DMZ networks for tiered applications, providing the highest level of control and security.

Virtual Firewall appliances such as pfSense, Sophos UTM, WatchGuard v Appliances and many others provide the same level of security and advanced functionality as their hardware equivalents. However as virtual appliances they benefit from additional availability and scalability features of our cloud platform.

Using our Control Panel, third Party Firewall’s can be deployed from our existing image list as full server images, or ISO images. You will be provided with full access, allowing you maintain full visibility and control of your network security.

Control Panel Security

As well as industry standard SSL encryption, our Control Panel provides user role authentication. Each organisation can define multiple user accounts and assign permissions.

This provides accountability for registered administrative users and limited access for support personal.



Network Security

All customer servers public and private interfaces are fully isolated on their own VLAN’s. Customers also have full control over which of their hosted servers can communicate with each other using Private VLAN’s. Simply create the required private and public networks using our control panel and attach your server network interfaces.


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VMhosts is a technology focused company. We provide high performing solutions at realistic prices. Our openness and flexibility allow us to provide a solution that exceeds your requirements and expectations.

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