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What is SSD Auto Tiering?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive(s). SSDs are similar to traditional hard disks, with one major benefit – no moving parts. This means nearly zero seek times. With traditional hard disk technology (such as SAS or SATA) the data is stored on spinning platters, meaning longer seek times while data is being accessed. These platters spin at a certain speed depending on hard drive in question.

VMhosts uses SSD drives to improve the performance of your services and applications and reduce access times to your data.

Although disk specifications vary between models this table shows typical differences in the disk technologies


Disk Type


Average Latency

SSD 40,000 IOPS <0.1ms
15K SAS 200 IOPS 2ms
10K SAS 140 IOPS 3ms

SSD Auto Tiering

SSD Auto Tiering works by monitoring IO behavior on blocks of storage. This is done at the storage level, completely transparent to virtual machine Guest Operating systems and associated applications and services.

VMhosts uses a fast SSD tier, by learning what data blocks are frequently accessed. Typically only 5-10% of data is accessed frequently.

Frequently accessed data is then marked as “hot” and moved to the SSD storage to deliver the best possible performance available for your applications and databases.

SSD Auto Tiering technology has the added benefit of freeing up more time and reducing latency on the spinning disks which are no longer getting requests for data which is now located on the SSD tier.

On top of this all our data is still fully protected by our HP Clustered Storage array using Network RAID. We keep two copies of all data on separate storage nodes to allow for maximum protection and availability. If that amount of protection isn’t enough, every single storage node is further protected by local raid levels. We really want to make sure your data is safe!

At VMhosts we are constantly looking at ways to improve our service. We have always said we are a technology focused company, and it’s with this ethos that we are proud to be offering enterprise level SSD Auto Tiering storage technology.



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