VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor

What is VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor?

VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor is the industry leading virtualisation platform. VMware vSphere uses virtualisation as an enabling technology, providing high availability and scalability to Windows and Linux virtual servers.

Why use VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor?

We are proud to offer virtual servers running on the industry leading virtualisation platform. VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor provides a very high level of reliability, performance and industry wide support. Just as with private cloud solutions it is important to be aware and trust the Hypervisor technology your public cloud provider utilises.

Need to know more about VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor?


The initial benefit of using VMware’s virtualisation technology was consolidation. Business could run many servers on a single hardware platform. This helped to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Later innovations provided high availability features such as Live Migrations of servers between hardware platforms using vMotion. HA provided automated failover between hardware platforms in the event of an unexpected hardware failure.

VMware vSphere ESXi is a purpose built operating system. Software and Drivers are specific to VMware which results in less downtime due to unexpected incompatibilities with third party software, applications and drivers.

VMware was founded in 1998, this has given them plenty of time to fine tune availability features and improve their efficient resource scheduling

All of our VMware licensing is provided legally under the VSPP agreement VMware vSphere licensing. Although this increases our overheads we still remain very competitive, even against other cloud providers which use cheaper or even free alternatives.




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