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We operate two account types. Prepaid Accounts and Credit Accounts. Our Cloud Resource Units provide a simple billing method, allowing customers to pay for only what they consume.Prepaid Account customers top up their account in advanced. New customers can simply use our ordering form and select the resource they require. 1 Cloud Resource Unit = £0.01 which keeps things very simple.Prepaid Account Customers can set a Low Cloud Resource Unit Level warning so you know exactly when you need to top up. Alternatively customers can set a monthly subscription to top up automatically once a month.

The majority of our resources are billed per hour. CPU and RAM are only charged for when powered on. Resources such as Additional private networks (Every customer gets one private network free of charge) which are charged for monthly, are entitled to partial refunds if removed part way through a billing period. This ensures customers only ever pay for what they use. Unconsumed Cloud Resource Units are fully refundable.

Credit Accounts are available to EU registered companies. Much the same as a prepaid account, customers only ever pay for what they use. Accounts never run out of Cloud Units, Units are automatically topped up as required. On the first day of every month our billing system will automatically calculate the used credits during the billing period and generate an invoice with our default 30 day payment terms.

Cloud Resource Per Hour* Per Month
vCPU (per core) 0.6853 units (£0.006853)  500 units (£5)
RAM (per GB) 1.5762 units (£0.015762) 1150 units (£11.50)
Clustered Storage (Per GB) 0.02056 units (£0.0002056) 15 units (£0.15)
IPv4 Addresses (Per IP) 0.2741 units (£0.002741) 200 units (£2)
Private VLAN** (Per VLAN) 2.0559 units (£0.020559) 1500 units (£15)
IPV4 /29 subnet*** 5 usable IP addresses, includes RIPE database   creation. 2.1929 units (£0.021929) 1600 units (£16)
Snapshots Per GB **** 0.00685 units (£0.0000685) 5 units (£0.05)

One unit is equal to £0.01p

* Resource hours are calculated at 30.4 average days in a month divided by 24

** One free private VLAN per customer

*** We have no setup charges for any resources, other than IPV4 /29 subnets. We charge a £50 setup for each /29 subnet which includes organisation updates to the RIPE database

**** Snapshot size is calculated on the total size of the original vDisk


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E-mail address: sales@vmhosts.co.uk
Office Hours: 9am-5pm GMT

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