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Migration to the latest version of Exchange can be a tricky and daunting task. You may already be running an older version of the Exchange software, a different messaging solution of even no centralised messaging solution at all! Regardless of your current situation, when it comes to migrating to the latest versions of Exchange we can help. Our Exchange consultants have performed numerous Exchange migrations and have years of real world experience, to put your mind at rest. We will plan, document and help you migrate to Exchange the easy way. What’s more we pride ourselves on our work so we will work with you and explain the process every step of the way!

How do you plan a migration to Exchange?

Migrations of any kind require careful planning. We break our Exchange migrations up into 5 key stages to ensure success.

Planning Stage

In this stage, we gather the required information as we can about your environment enabling us to plan your migration correctly and ensuring there will be no nasty surprises that will get in the way.

Deployment Stage

In this stage, we will deploy and configure the new Exchange environment. This is done without affecting the existing environment.

Testing Stage

In this stage, we will perform and sign off a number of tests before making the move to production. These tests include mail flow, failover, OWA and ActiveSync testing.

Migration Stage

In this stage, we will work with you to start migrating your users over to the new Exchange servers. Migrating users can often be the longest stage in a migration. We teach you what you need to know in order to take control of you user migrations – after all no one knows your users better than you

Completion Stage

In this stage, all your users should now be using the new Exchange system. We will work with you to ensure the migration is completed to your satisfaction and your old solution is properly de-commissioned and any servers removed from the environment. We also pass any documentation over to you along with documentation reviewing and evaluating the projects success.


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