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Private Hosted Exchange

By leveraging the cloud to deploy a private hosted exchange the company is able to re-gain control of their Exchange infrastructure. A private hosted Exchange has many advantages over a multi-tenanted solution including;

– Full management of Exchange by your admins

– Easier to integrate to external systems such as SharePoint or CRM

– Convenience to restart, update and shutdown whenever you like

– Changes can be applied to the systems on your schedule

– You know where your data is help

– Dedicated servers connected to your Active Directory domain

Using dedicated secure SSL VPN/Firewalls we can extend the existing Active Directory infrastructure to our cloud infrastructure. Using a dedicated exchange server the customer will maintain FULL control over the environment but still benefit from per user per month licensing.

As a minimum we recommend deploying a single Exchange 2013 Standard server which will host both the Client Access roles and Mailbox roles. Our infrastructure has been designed on top of enterprise grade hardware and clustered storage technology. Our HA features ensure your servers benefit from the maximum amount of uptime at all times.




Private Hosted Exchange with DAG

Our Tier 3 and Tier 4 datacenter locations offer a seriously high level of security and redundancy, however some businesses require additional geo-redundancy. This is where a high availability solution using DAG (Database Availability Groups) really can provide geo-redundancy. We use high speed layer 2 connectivity to link our datacentres, meaning we have the ability to deploy same site DAG instances without the need to worry about cross site configuration, or replication.

How It Works

We deploy an Domain Controller and Exchange server across at least 2 physically separate datacentres. Due to the high speed layer 2 connection in place the servers are deployed on the same network subnet and active directory site.

We then configure a 2 node DAG with the witness server located at the datacentre where the active mailboxes are going to be primarily running from during normal operation. In the event that the active datacentre is taken offline for whatever reason, the passive copy of the DAG mailboxes are brought back into operation by the use of the much simplified datacentre switchover, keeping mailboxes and mail flow working even during a serious outage.



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