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What is VMhosts Business Cloud Hosting?

Windows and Linux severs running on a highly available secure VMware vCloud Director Cloud infrastructure backed by vSphere Virtual Center, with guaranteed resource.

We utilise a simple intuitive portal interface that gives you the most control over your servers as if you were phyiscally sitting infront of them.

Why us?

VMhosts is a technology focused company with business sense. We know how important your company is, and that you need a hosting partner that can be relied on to deliver which is why we have spent a considerable amount of time developing our own privately owned platform across multiple datacentres, providing a Cloud hosting infrastructure you can trust.

With our tech expertise, we constantly strive to improve our systems to provide you the best service possible.

Why Go Virtual?

Suitable for any number of servers, small and large, VMhosts Business Cloud Hosting gives your data, applications and servers the availability and scalability they need on a pay as you go subscription based payment model with no setup charges.

  • Secure, high-storage, highly available environment
  • Operating systems can be instantly recovered in the event of hardware failure
  • Live migration features prevent downtime in routine maintenance tasks
  • Not resource intensive, meaning enterprise grade solutions at a fraction of the cost
  • Able to carry out collaborative activities whilst retaining your complete control remotely

Need to know more?

For better, for worse; can your current server vow to protect your assets?

With physical server environments comes the unavoidable risk of data loss. Traditional servers also tend to mean high running costs and only limited network flexibility. A switch to virtual hosting can increase IT manageability and could be a vital step to achieving your business’ full potential.

Cloud hosting uses a high-performing virtual environment to which existing data and applications can be easily transferred, stored and synergised. The concept of cloud is simple: bypass the risk of ever losing your business’ data and increase the efficiency of its IT infrastructure by upgrading to a secure remote environment. VMhosts’ Cloud hosting product enables you to save money by investing in the virtual, not the visual.

Our backup service quickly and efficiently backs up your data to the cloud on an agreed upon schedule, with flexible recovery points. WAN optimised backup agents minimise internet traffic working with short backup windows even on slower internet links.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

Why Our Cloud Hosting Platform Competes


Friendly and Flexible Support

Our 24/7 support prides itself on flexibility and great communication. If you are ever have a problem then we always do our best to make sure you know exactly what we are doing to fix it.


Free SAN based backups

We provided free nightly full system image backups with 7 day retention for all VM’s hosted with us. We also provide an optional VMback service powered by Veeam provising enterprise backup and recovery for Guest OS file and application protection


99.9% SLA

100% uptime is simply a myth, even the largest organisations such as Facebook, twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure will have problems from time to time. The missed SLA compensations offered are often worthless, coupled with poor communication. In downtime situations communication is key. During the unlikely event of any server down situations we are contactable 24/7. You can talk to a real engineer who can give you accurate updates.


Enterprise Grade VMware Platform

Compare apples for apples and clouds for clouds. Our Cloud is powered by VMware vSphere, the industry leading virtualisation platform. We have absolute confidence in VMware’s stability and support.


Clustered Storage Array

Storage is absolutely critical for any cloud service. Some providers will cut corners to lower costs. We use a HP branded clustered storage array. We use local Raid protection and synchronously replicate this to a second storage appliance. When it comes to your data it is good to be paranoid.


High Availability

All virtual machines appliances are protected by VMware HA and other proactive availability features such as vMotion and Storage vMotion. We have multiple 100% synchronous copies of your data allowing us to automatically recover and power on your machines in the event of hardware failure. We have two datacentres located in Welwyn Garden City and Enfield, separated by over 30 miles as the crow flies. With multiple low latency Gigabit interconnects between the two locations we can help customers build mission critical business solutions with extreme levels of availability and protection.


Superfast Server Side Caching

Leveraging Infinio, our servers utilise both RAM and NVME storage to provide superfast server side read caching. This allows us to produce incredible read latencies of 0.1ms response times.

CIF Certified

We have taken the time to implement processes that conforms to a recognised standard. Coupled with feedback from real customers we can be trusted.

What is Infinio?

Infinio Accelerator is a server-sied caching tool that delivers 1 million IOPS per VMware host and 80μs latency

Infinio’s smart, content-based cache inserts server RAM, SSDs, and PCIe and NVMe flash transparently into the existing I/O stream to accelerate storage, while retaining familiar arrays and architecture. Infinio’s cache dynamically populates servers-side media with the hottest data, reducing the storage requirement to a small fraction of the workload size.

All of the Accelerators in an Infinio cluster are managed together, and seamlessly support typical cluster-wide VMware operations, such as vMotion, HA, and DRS. Advanced reporting lets you see aggregate performance improvements, as well as drill down on individual VMs for performance analytics at one-minute intervals. Best of all, using Infinio doesn’t require you to make any changes to your environment. Your datastore configuration, snapshot and replication setup, backup scripts, and integration with VMware features like VAAI and vMotion all stay the same.

Increases performance for any application

  • Reduce reporting times for databases, big-data, and analytics applications
  • Improve boot times and responsiveness for virtual desktops
  • Increases virtual machine density per host without compromising performance

What is VMware?

What is VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor?

VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor is the industry leading virtualisation platform. VMware vSphere uses virtualisation as an enabling technology, providing high availability and scalability to Windows and Linux virtual servers.

Why use VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor?

We are proud to offer virtual servers running on the industry leading virtualisation platform. VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor provides a very high level of reliability, performance and industry wide support. Just as with private cloud solutions it is important to be aware and trust the Hypervisor technology your public cloud provider utilises.

Need to know more about VMware vSphere Cloud Hypervisor?

The initial benefit of using VMware’s virtualisation technology was consolidation. Business could run many servers on a single hardware platform. This helped to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Later innovations provided high availability features such as Live Migrations of servers between hardware platforms using vMotion. HA provided automated failover between hardware platforms in the event of an unexpected hardware failure.

VMware vSphere ESXi is a purpose built operating system. Software and Drivers are specific to VMware which results in less downtime due to unexpected incompatibilities with third party software, applications and drivers.

VMware was founded in 1998, this has given them plenty of time to fine tune availability features and improve their efficient resource scheduling.

All of our VMware licensing is provided legally under the VSPP agreement VMware vSphere licensing. Although this increases our overheads we still remain very competitive, even against other cloud providers which use cheaper or even free alternatives.

Unmanaged Hosting

How Much Does it Cost?



Monthly Plan

  • 1 CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 40GB Storage Space
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Free Dedicated Firewall
  • 500GB Tx / Rx Traffic

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Monthly Plan

  • 2 CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 100GB Storage Space
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Free Dedicated Firewall
  • 500GB Tx / Rx Traffic

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Monthly Plan Per Server

  • Up to 8 CPU
  • Up to 256GB RAM
  • Up to 25TB Storage Space
  • /29 IPv4 Subnets
  • Host your own Firewall
  • 500GB Tx / Rx Traffic

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Managed Hosting

How Much Does it Cost?

Our managed service pricing is calculated in 2 stages. The first is to take the unmanaged server resource costs. Next we add on a per server managed service fee. If you would like a quote or more information regarding our managed services, get in touch using the contact form below.

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